4EU+ Against Cancer

Hosted by Charles University in Prague

4EU+ Against Cancer SUMMER SCHOOL
Date: 02 – 05 July 2023 _ Charles University
4 days - 20 hours - 4 ECTS delivered


Oncology, combining preclinical (i.e. in silico, in vitro, in vivo) and clinical (early and late phases) research becomes even more complex once we consider additional related complementary fields of investigations. Consequently, oncological research becomes more and more cost- and time-consuming. This Summer School will give an overview of the different axes of research in oncology and different fundings of research.

International researchers, teachers and members from 4EU+ universities (i.e. Charles, Sorbonne, Warsaw, Milan, Copenhagen, Heidelberg, Geneva) will give lectures and meet students.

  • Basic, translational and clinical research in oncology
  • Basics of cancer treatments
  • Bioinformatics and computational biology
  • Drug development
The purpose is to give students an overview of the multiple components of complex and multidisciplinary research in oncology. In addition, brief information about general principles of science funding will be presented.

During the summer school, the students will

  • Attend lectures illustrating important topics of contemporary research in oncology
  • Interact with international researchers, teachers and experts
  • Interact with international students, to start building their own network
  • Present an article
  • Students from 4EU+ universities
  • Bachelor or Master 1 Degree or Equivalent
  • Interest to continue in oncology-related studies
  • Provable curricular and extracurricular activities demonstrating such interest
  • Motivation letter
  • The summer school will be fully covered for selected students by their respective 4EU+ universities
  • Venue and housing for participants is booked at the hotel Butterfly (with special price for the summer school attendees, 70 euros per night in double room/all inclusive) and will be covered by the student stipends received from their home universities and should be paid upon registration.
Leading faculty
  • Prof Ahmed Idbaih (Sorbonne University, Paris, France)
  • Dr Catherine Grabowski (Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland)
  • Prof Aleksi Sedo (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)
How to apply
Applications are now open; please send your motivation letter and your curriculum vitae to all 3 leading faculty by May 15, 2023
Start TimeEnd TimeSubjectsIntervenants
  Accomodation and Diner 
Start TimeEnd TimeSubjectsIntervenants
09:0009:20Introduction of the DayAleksi Sedo
09:2509:55Hallmarks of CancerPetr Busek
10:0010:30Tumor cells and (innocent) bystanders: Ecology of CancerKarel Smetana
10:3511:05Immunosurveilance and local immunity in cancerJirina Bartunkova
11:0511:30Coffee Break 
11:3012:00Experimental tools: from cells to animals Jan Brabek
12:0512:35Preclinical studies of treatment strategiesIvan Melezinek
12:4013:10Basics of cancer treatments in clinical practiceTomas Kazda
14:0016:00Discussion Panel10 Students presentation/ Aleksi Sedo


Start Time End Time Subjects Intervenants
09:00 09:20 Introduction of the Day Ahmed Idbaih, SU Medicine
09:25 09:55 Inter and intratumor heterogeneity Alexandre Escargueil
10:00 10:30 Biomarkers (biological/imaging) and therapeutic target Ahmed Idbaih
10:35 11:05 Clinical trial Mehdi Touat
11:05 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 12:00 Drug screening : in silico, in vitro, in vivo Maité Verreault
12:05 12:35 Artificial Intelligence in Imaging of brain tumors Jakub Zielinski
12:40 13:10 Humanized mouse models to investigate immunotherapy Gilles Maraudon
13:10 14:00 Lunch
14:00 16:00 Discussion Panel 10 Students presentation/Ahmed Idbaih
Start Time End Time Subjects Intervenants
08:00 08:20 Introduction of the Day Catherine Suski Grabowski
08:25 08:55 OMICS concept and principles Catherine Suski Grabowski
09:00 09:30 Integration of OMICS analyses in oncology Agusti Alentorn
09:35 10:05 Mathematical Modelling in Biology and Medicine. Can we cure cancer with calculus Zuzanna Szymańska
10:05 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 11:00 Molecular modeling in biology and oncology Katarzyna Kulczycka-Mierzejewska
11:05 13:00 Discussion Panel 10 Students presentation/Catherine Suski Grabowski
13:10 14:00 Lunch


Butterfly Health Spa Hotel
Hlavni 655, 353 01 Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic