Oncology, combining preclinical (i.e. in silico, in vitro, in vivo) and clinical (early and late phases) research becomes even more complex once we consider additional related complementary fields of investigations. Consequently, oncological research becomes more and more cost and time-consuming. This Summer School will give an overview of the different axes of research in oncology and different fundings of research.

International researchers, teachers and members from 4EU+ universities (i.e. Charles, Sorbonne, Warsaw, Milan, Copenhagen, and Heidelberg) will give lectures and meet students.
The purpose is to give students an overview of the multiple components of complex and multidisciplinary research in oncology. In addition, brief information about general principles of science funding will be presented.
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During the summer school the students:

– Attend lectures illustrating important topics of contemporary research in oncology

– Interact with international researchers, teachers and experts

– Interact with international students, to start building their own network

– Present their research experience