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First “4EU+ Against Cancer” SUMMER SCHOOL: Introduction to Molecular and Clinical Oncology coming in July

The University of Warsaw is going to host the first “4EU + Against Cancer” summer school for students and researchers and it will mainly focus on clinical and preclinical research in the field of molecular and clinical oncology.

The Summer School for students of six universities, which belong to 4EU+ program, is an important part of the Flagship 1: Urban Health and Demographic Change program and the oncology educational project awarded with the 4EU +: 2020 / F1 / 04 grant “Comprehensive and integrative educational program in oncology 4EU + Alliance”, the event is coordinated by Dr. Catherine Suski-Grabowski. The beneficiaries of the subsidy are Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw together with Assistance Publique-Hopitaux de Paris (AP-HIP) at the Sorbonne University, the Czech Academy of Sciences (CESNET) and Charles University in Prague, as well as the National Cancer Institute of Milan (INT).

“Together with prof. Ahmed Idbaith (AP-HP), prof. Aleski Sedo (CESNET) and prof. Giancarlo Pruneri (INT), we have developed a scientific and educational program covering clinical and preclinical research in the field of molecular and clinical oncology. The 4EU + Summer School gave an overview of the different research axes in oncology and the different funding sources. International researchers and academics from 4EU + universities, i.e. Charles, Sorbonne, Warsaw, Milan and Heidelberg, gave lectures and met with students, sharing both scientific knowledge and experience in the commercialization of research – concludes Dr. Catherine Suski-Grabowski from ICM, University of Warsaw.     

The 4EU + Against Cancer Summer School is open to students from affiliated universities (4EU +) with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree interested in continuing their education in the field of oncology. The weekly program is filled with lectures, participtans’ presentations and the possibility of co-working with researchers and students from other universities. The inaugural lecture will be held in the Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw and is going to be delivered by prof. Bożena Kamińska-Kaczmarek, the winner of the Polish Nobel Prize in 2021, researcher at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology Polish Academy of Sciences.

During the Summer School, students will learn about preclinical and clinical research in oncology, analysis of large-scale biomedical data, and an overview of current chemical researches. The last day will be devoted to practical tips on grant writing, science communication and research commercialization.

Access to media resources - for participants of the Warsaw Summer School only

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